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Postcard About Sarina Seeks

I was born with an insatiable quest for growth and learning through exploration and engagement. From living in different countries and travelling to various parts of the world, I’ve met remarkable people, dived with spectacular creatures and captured Earth’s fragile beauty. I designed this website in 2017 to share my experiences by combining my love for photography, my passion for writing and my experience with design.

Throughout my travels over the past few decades, I’ve been fortunate to see some of the world’s most wondrous places - but I’ve also seen the effects climate change is having on them. From hearing from local communities to surfacing from dives only to come face to face with floating masses of garbage, noticing negative human action has become part of all modern travel.


I believe we can all use our talents and abilities to make real conservation progress. As someone who has enjoyed so much beauty from this planet, I hope to give a bit back by showing some of the incredible ways to experience it. My passion for sharing our natural world has shifted to spreading ocean awareness and promoting change. Click below to read more about how I’m helping - and how you can help too!





Sarina Harper Kayaking Glacier National Park

Nǐ hǎo

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Outdoor Adventures

Caves in Pang Mapha, Thailand

Pang Mapha, Thailand

"Waves slammed into the tiny vessel with such force it seemed the boat would break to pieces. My nausea making a rude comeback, I struggled to find the trusty horizon, but to my despair we couldn’t even see through the windows.

As the menacing waves crashed over our boat, the driver’s wipers futile efforts seemed almost comical.. And then – right there in the middle of the ferocious ocean – the engine broke down."

"Suddenly we stopped, seemingly at a dead end. There was a tiny hole in the wall which I eyed skeptically. Stuffing my belongings into my dry bag, we got onto our stomachs.


I squeezed my body down onto the rocky floor of the cave, painfully crawling over rocks. Crouching low, we plunged into the frigid water, squeezing between rocks unseen under the surface, water up to our necks."

Scuba diving Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Trekking in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Border of Burma & Thailand

"Bamboo split open to use as serving trays laid on the ground next to carved bowls, cups and utensils. We prepared dinner together: water was poured over various vegetables and meat, then left to boil in a bamboo tube, leaning fireside to make soup.


I scooped handfuls of rice onto banana leaves, wrapped them with string and inserted them into another water filled bamboo tube to cook.


Admiring the cute little bamboo shot glasses I poured us all moonshine shots and we feasted! Seemingly suddenly, the night enveloped the jungle and bamboo lanterns were quickly carved."

Sarina Harper Julian Alps

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