Adventurous, energetic and passionate about seeking unique experiences around the globe while sharing stories and images along the way! 


​I left my 9-5 behind years ago, bursting with an insatiable quest for growth through exploration. From immersing myself in southeast China to staying with hill tribes in northwest Thailand, I’ve met remarkable people. From multi day treks across volcanoes in Lombok to watching the northern lights dance over the frozen landscape in Lapland, I’ve captured this incredible planet’s powerful beauty. I’ve met inspiring people and continue to embark on enriching adventures, seeking new experiences, tastes, cultures & knowledge.

During these difficult times, I hope my stories inspire you to plan future adventures and provide some

interesting armchair exploration! 

Sarina Seeks

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Curacao Superior Producer Scuba Diving Sarina Seeks
Sarina Seeks, Drakes Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Combining my passion for travel, photography and writing, my stories are written to bring the reader along with me, so they too can feel the sparks of adventure I felt when travelling. 



Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or for recommendations!

Sarina Seeks scuba diving Cayman Islands
Sarina Seeks finds a flamboyant cuttlefish, Puerto Galera, Philippines
Sarina Seeks scuba diving in ko pha ngan, Thailand
Sarina Seeks Scuba Diving, Puerta Galera, Philippines

From the Caribbean to the Coral Triangle

Certified at 16, and now a rescue diver, I've been lucky enough to hang with giant mantas just off Costa Rica, and marvel over countless sharks in the Blue Hole just off Belize. In the haunted depths of Curacao’s waters, I glimpsed into the past, exploring a sunken ship resting at 100 feet. Full of pasta, I’ve dove sunken ruins in the Gulf of Naples. You can read about these epic dives on my underwater adventures page!

Not a dive goes by where I’m not immensely appreciative to be witnessing such a magnificent part of our planet. Over the last few years I’ve built my underwater portfolio from plenty of trips to the Caribbean, The Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. I’m so excited to share those otherworldly images with you in my underwater gallery!

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