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Adventures Around Northern Thailand ↣ Part 5

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Mastering Thai Cuisine in Chiang Mai!

After eating delicious Thai food for 3 weeks it was time to master a few recipes to take home with us! Our cooking experience began with a shopping excursion to a local market where we carefully selected fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and spices for the five dishes we’d be whipping up. I chose to make fried spring rolls, classic pad Thai and a rich green curry while Adam made fresh vegetable spring rolls, a chicken cashew stir-fry, and a massaman curry. We both made a sumptuous coconut soup to start and finished with my favorite Thai dessert: mango sticky rice! We carefully rolled ingredients in paper thin wrapping for the spring rolls before expertly manning our woks. Equipped with a mortar and pestle, we used all of our strength grinding spices for the different types of curry pastes. Since returning I’ve recreated some of the dishes - and though I’ve yet to find the perfect Thai basil in China it’s been great fun whipping up some Thai food at home!

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