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Grand Cayman Island

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Bath-like warm turquoise water, delicious fresh fish & excellent wall diving!

We were long overdue for some sibling bonding, so my brother and I met for a long weekend of diving (and eating!) around Grand Cayman. This is an island dedicated to scuba diving - and we didn't waste any time. We dove right in with 5 dives in just the first 24 hours. We gobbled some seafood at a restaurant along the coast, then rented tanks and spontaneously dove after digesting. For a different perspective, we did a fluorescent night dive. Our UV flashlights lit up the corals with neon greens, blues and purples - similar to the effect of a black light. We glimpsed a variety of nocturnal creatures then surfaced to hot chocolate spiked with Caribbean rum, thousands of stars sparkling above us. Visibility was excellent as we explored walls that dropped to 3,000 feet. We poked around shallow reefs in search of adorable macrolife, spotting tiny colorful seaslugs and hidden crustaceans. We feasted at various food shacks savoring mahi mahi, conch, lionfish, jerk chicken, wahoo, goat and seriously decadent key lime pie! Below is a little gallery of what we saw - enjoy!

*underwater shots taken w/ iphone & Watershot Pro housing

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