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Indonesia ↣ Part 4

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Lake Segara Anak Crater Rim ↣ Senaru Crater Rim

Leaving the steaming Mt. Samalas behind, we climbed back up the cliffside once again. With our backpacks tightly secured, we ditched our hiking poles and climbed boulder upon boulder until the forest was below us once again. Breaking for snacks, we peered down upon Lake Segara Anak and into the Samalas volcano, stupefied by the altitude we’d ascended throughout the sunny morning. Just a few hours later, with one last effort to pull ourselves up the mountain, we weren’t in the clouds anymore – we were above them!

Another day, another summit!

I didn’t think it possible, but the view surpassed our first night camping on Mount Rinjani, and even our second camp spot gazing upon the majestic volcano! We took in our 360-degree view: clouds blanketing the valley on one side, with a crystal clear view of the volcano and lake on the other.

As the chilly evening arrived, the views diminished until all we were left with was thousands of sparkling stars as far as we could see. As I cozied up in my sleeping bag, I pictured the clouds below and drifted off - I really was in heaven!

The following day we descended the mountain, again passing through a myriad of landscapes until finally we were in the refreshingly cool jungle that led back towards the village of Senaru.

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