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Indonesia ↣ Part 5

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Mount Rinjani ↣ Scuba Diving the Southern Gili Islands

tiny cuttlefish, Gili Gede, Indonesia

Finishing up our second week in Indonesia, Adam and I ventured to the south of Lombok where we explored the lesser known Gilis underwater. We treated ourselves to a beautiful (and the only) resort where we enjoyed the best shower of our lives after 4 days of trekking Gunung Rinjani! Every day we dove this remote area and relaxed while our legs recuperated from days of climbing. In the mornings, our boat cruised between idyllic, uninhabited islands where we explored vivid reefs crawling with adorable macro life (I just love macro dives - they are like treasure hunts!). We found unique creatures aplenty! Cuttlefish - some as small as my pinkie, some as big as two feet - hung near the sandy bottoms and starfish in a myriad of colors and sizes were splayed across corals. Plenty of nudibranchs (or nudes as I like to refer to them!) decorated the reefs, all varieties I’d never seen before! Some of the other treasures we spotted were translucent shrimp, tiny seahorses and crabs the size of a quarter!

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