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Spontaneous Road Trip To Grand Canyon West

After celebrating my 3-0 in Sin City, a good friend and I found ourselves with an extra 24 hours to fill when our flight home got cancelled. After exhausting the Strip, which in turn exhausted us, an idea emerged through the fog of my hangover: How long would it take to drive to the Grand Canyon? It was clear we needed to squeeze in one more adventure, so I began pinning ghost towns and devised a route before hitting the pillow. Delaying a good night's rest once gain, we awoke at 4:30 the next morning. An hour later we were cruising in our red Mustang convertible, Las Vegas in our rear view.

After taking in the magnitude of the Hoover Dam, we explored the ghost town of Chloride.

Finally we made it to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. We stood breathless at the edge, the ground plunging thousands of feet below, no guardrails in sight, and took in the enormity of the majestic landscape. Hues of oranges and reds contrasted beautifully against the bright blue sky.

We hiked to various viewpoints, soaked up the history of the region and explored the structures of the Hualapai Village.

When the sun set, we cruised back to Vegas, thousands of stars dazzling the desert sky.


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